The Flying Dutchman of Philadelphia, Ernest H. Buehl

The International Story of the Life and Times of a Pioneer Aviator

Trained as an aviation mechanic in Germany in the 1910s, Buehl arrived in the United States in 1920, at a time when we were just inventing civilian uses for airplanes. His work, both in Europe and North America, directly helped to push back major frontiers, both physical and social.

There are few books that feature the development of civilian aviation rather than military aviation, but this is one. Buehl’s work and contributions are set into the context of his time, and the discussion points out its relevance to today’s world.

Among other things, Buehl participated in:

185 photographs and images illustrate the book. The majority of these are from Buehl’s personal collection and many are rare. The book is extensively documented.

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