Ernie Buehl Collection

When he died, Ernie's daughter, Sylvia, inherited his collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, ephemera, memorabilia, and mementos.

Ownership and credit

Most of the information in this website comes from newspaper clippings, letters, and other material that Ernie collected over the course of his lifetime. Many of the newspaper clippings were cut from newspapers and pasted into scrapbooks or tossed loose into envelopes and boxes. Some of them were cut in such a way that the source and date cannot clearly be identified. A certain amount of guessing, based on events discussed and other known timelines allow us to narrow the possibilities.

Most of the photographs and other images, too, were collected by Ernie Buehl. Again, many of these were pasted into scrapbooks or stored loose in boxes. Almost none were clearly labeled with respect to the place and time that they were taken, or with respect to who appears in them. A number of them were still recognizable to the family, and others can be placed in a context based on the known events of Buehl's lifetime.

Some photographs have clear copyright markings on them but in some cases it has not been possible for us to track down the current owner of the copyright. We are handling these as "orphan" works. When this site reproduces orphan work and the actual copyright holder finds it, we ask that the copyright holder contact us to discuss proper attribution, issues of reasonable compensation for use of the work, or removal of the work from our site.

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